Saturday, April 24, 2010

Questions for Daniel Pink

Please post question here for Mr. Pink. I'd like to review them Sunday night, so please do this as soon as you have your questions. Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Would you consider yourself more right-brained or left-brained? Why?
    Which of the "six senses" do you relate to more?
    What made you want to learn and write about the differences between the two sides of the brain?

    I would not like to ask my questions.

  2. Do you think that, in the future, business leaders will have to become more right-brained in order for the business/company to survive?

  3. How do you think symphony would affect the world if it was used in politics? Or do you think that may not even be possible?

    How important do you think the sense, "Story", is to life and connection between people?

  4. How have you used the six abilities of the book in your own life and have they helped you become a whole minded person?

    Do you think in the future, centuries from now, we will need to focus more on left-brained thinking or do you think that from now on we will need to focus on right-brained thinking and why?

    What was your inspiration for writing this book?

  5. What was your motive to write this book and learn more about the different sides of the brain?

    Do you think that the six senses will be used more and noticed more often, now that many have read your book?

    Which sense do you think is the most important sense out of the six? Why?

    In the future, do you think the focus will still be on right-brained people, or more on left-brained people? Why?

  6. Some right brained jobs, such as writers, artists, designers, etc. are only able to make a living if they are successful. How would you reccommend getting started in one of these right-brained careers?

    How have you found meaning in your life? What are some ways for sutdents to find meaning in life, with their busy schedules?

    I don't need to ask these questions, since I spoke last time.

  7. Although all the six senses need to work together in order to be successful, do you feel that one sense may be more important to concentrate on? If so, why?

  8. Which sense do you think is the most important to have success in your life?

    How do you think that symphony relates to the other senses?

  9. Are their exceptions to the six senses? Or must you follow them exactly?

    Do any of the six senses outweigh each?

    Do all of the senses apply to every aspect of life?

    (I don't want to ask my questions.)

  10. Can story be told in more than one way, like a picture or a song?

    Does design play more than one part in our minds? What else can it connect with?

  11. Is any one sense more important than the others?

    Where did the idea for this book come from?

  12. Do you think the type of change we are going through now has ever happened before, and could it happen again later on?

    Do you think we will ever lose the need to use our left-brains?

  13. How do you expect left brain directed thinkers to react to your ideas and predictions?

    How do you think right brained thinking will take over in places such as Japan which focus so much on left brained activities?

  14. Was there a certain aspect you found more effective in your art teacher that you believe should be demonstrated in all art classes?

    How does the idea of "Symphony" relate to the last chapter, Design? Does good design require symphony?

  15. Can these senses be used seperately, or must they play off each other? And, for that fact, can only some elements of senses be used, while other elements of that sense are not?

    I don't want to ask the author my question.

  16. What inspired you to write about the right side of the brain and how it affects our future society?

    How can left brain thinkers still thrive in a society that is becoming dominatly right brained?
    (I do not want to ask my questions)

  17. Is there one certain sense that you talk about n your book that you personally think that you have trouble with?

    Would you consider yourself more left-brained or right-brained?

    I would enjoy not to ask Mr. Pink my questions. Thanks

  18. What was your inspiration for writing a Whole New Mind?

    Do you believe there is an age after the Conceptual Age?

    Do you think the left side of the brain will recede in importance just as the right has been for the past centuries?

  19. Is there a certain sense from your book that you excel in?
    Did anyone in particular inspire you to write this book?
    I don't want to ask questions

  20. Do you think that sometime there will be an end to the Conceptual Age and right-brained thinkers won't be as needed anymore?

    Can we use only some of the senses at a time and still be successful, or must we use them all together?
    (I would prefer not asking my questions)

  21. Which of the senses do you believe will help a person most in life? Why?

    Do you think that all people have all of the senses? If so, do you think people are born with the ability of all of the senses or do you believe they develop over time? Why?

  22. What changes did you see in our society that provoked you to write "A Whole New Mind"?

    What changes need to happen in the classroom to develop right brained thinking, especially in a left brain dominant environment?

  23. Since writing the book what new concerns do you have related to right brain thinking and what would you add?

    Also what changes have you seen in right brained thinking since the book was published?

    -Gisele Conn

  24. If there is one, which of the sixth senses is the most important? Why?

    If story can be told through a picture or something else, do you think it is as effective as an actual story?

    I would prefer not to ask my questions

  25. How widespread do you think the realization of the importance of right-brained thinking is geographically? Does it encompass the world or just select countries?

    Do you think that this new way of thinking is receiving the attention it needs to really "get going"? If not what can we do to make that happen?

    Have you found any opposition to the ideas proposed in AWNM?

    I would like not to ask my questions, thanks.

  26. Do you think that one of the six senses is needed more to move us into this Conceptual Age, or are all equally important in moving us into a more right-brained society?

    How can the idea of Symphony be implemented in today's world to help individuals, businesses, and our nation as a whole to help progress further and faster into this new world? Is there an ideal way to combine each of the senses or does it vary from person to person?

    You say that we need to become a more right-brained society to move us into the Conceptual Age, but what will happen when our society does become dominantly right-brained? Won't we need to left-brainers to help keep us in the era, and to help progress us further into it? Hasn't it always been the engineers and scientists that have created the new inovations that help our way of life live on?

    (I would not like to ask my questions)

  27. Which of the six senses means the most to you in life? And is there a special connection with it?

    Was there certain inspiration from something in writing this book? If so, what is it?

  28. After you personally learned all these facts did you feel that you were more left brained or right brained?

    After the Conceptual Age what do you think will come next?

  29. Do you think you can control one side of the brain than the other?

    What sense do you think you use or feel the most and why?

  30. Mr. Pink:

    How do think you'll be able to tell that someone has encompassed all of your "right brain necessities" into their lifestyle?

    Do you feel as though you're being offensive when you state on your front cover, "Why right-brainers will rule the future"? Has someone ever confronted you about this and do you feel the other side could argue as strong as a point as you do?

  31. Mr Pink,

    I notice that at the cover of the book there is the statement "Why Right Brainers will Rule the Future" Yet throughout the book, you continuously say to use both sides of the brain. You say that both sides of the brain are the key. So do you think this title is appropriate or misleading?

  32. Mr. Pink, you say in your novel that professionals such as lawyers and doctors need to switch their way of thinking, but isn't that stripping them of the attributes that make them a lawyer or a doctor?

    Do you think America is aware that by outsourcing to other countries for lower prices that we are actually hindering our economy? Would the switch into the conceptual age change this train of thought?

  33. What side of the brain do you relate to more, and why?

    What is the best way to control each side of the brain?

  34. Mr.Pink,
    What made you come upon this idea of the 'six senses'?

    Does symphony have the ability to be applied to all situations? Or does it need to be applied to situations where the big picture is needed?
    [Going off the fishbowl about story] Do you think that the sense story provokes the sense empathy?

  35. In the book you talk about 6 different senses people should focus on. Were these the only senses you came up with or were there others that you had come up with then tossed out? Were there any others you may have combined with the final senses? If so, why did you get rid of those ones?

  36. Do you believe that in the future that there will solely be only right brained jobs in developed countries and that there won’t be any left brained jobs needed to be filled by someone?

    How do you see the American school system in the future? do you think they will focus much more greatly on the right brain and less on knowledge-CHAD-? What problems could you see arise from this and what are some of the benefits?

  37. Did you write this book to contrast left and right brained thinking? Or was it written to show that right brained thinking is the more dominant and evolved side of the brain?
    What would you have to say about people who feel anxious because they are more of left brained thinkers?

  38. What are the requirements of a good story? Do you believe that A WHOLE NEW MIND is a good story that fulfills these requirements?

  39. You mention the six senses numerous times in your book, which sense do you think relates to you most?

    Do you think that all of the six senses can be used simultaneously or always separately?

    (I would prefer not to ask my questions)

  40. (I do not want to ask my questions)

    Would you consider writing a right or left brain job?

    One day last week, we had someone come in and talk to us about all brain types. There were much more than just left and right brain. Why don't you mention some of the other types of brains in your book?

    (If you think these are good, you can have someone else ask them for me)

  41. (I don't want to ask my questions.)
    Have you always been a right brained person? Or did you evolve through your portfolio activities from a left brain thinker to a right brain thinker?

  42. Mr. Pink
    If you rewrote this book now, would you change anything?

    When you wrote this book did you feel that you were more left or right brained, and has this changed you in becoming more one sided?

    I would not like to ask my questions. Sorry I'm late with posting.

  43. The book seems to stress right brained thinkers and right brained jobs for the future. Do you think that a society can be purely right brained or will we always need left brain thinkers?

    After your experience with writing this book do you constantly notice aspects of your book in the real world such as right and left brain thinkers and things such design, which you wrote about, in advertising?

    Sorry about the late post

  44. Do you think the right side of the brain is has increased in importance over time, or more that our awareness of its importance has increased?

  45. Which of the six senses do you think is the most important?

    What made you choose six senses, not more or less?

  46. Do you think that both left and right brainers have all 6 of the senses?